The Trends You Need to Be Aware of in Interior Design in 2024

The interior design trends of 2024 are likely to be a mixture of technology and tradition. For example, this trend could encompass the use of traditional wooden furniture but with an informational back panel or table built into the surface.

Instagram Update Hints What Interior Decoration People Want to See More of?

Almost one decade ago, the Eucalyptus was the most popular interior decoration trend. However, with all the demand and supply issues plaguing the sector’s flourishing in recent years, an impending temptation of furniture from a variety of other materials has emerged. Evidence that can be seen from recent reports on social media especially those from Instagram gives hints to what might be people’s interior decoration choices for 2024 and beyond.

A study hosted at based on pictures taken and shared by people on Instagram over the last two months found out that if given five floors or less to furnish or remodel their home, most people were still willing to aesthetically consider nine types of surfaces:

  • imported wood (solid) 56 percent
  • plantation wood coppice 34 percent
  • bamboo 47 percent
  • plant-based composite hardwood 4 percent
  • metal 24 percent
  • paper 1 percent
  • synthetic marble 10 percent
  • rubber 6 percent
  • cement 5%.

Trends in Home Interior Design Industry in 2024

Trends in the Home Interior Design Industry are always changing, and decorating a home can be challenging without the right guidance. KEA, a digital design company, has developed over some key hacks that they believe to be key in having the best possible home. The hacks revolve around things like having a beautifully designed and functional outdoor space, using the ceiling for storage, and using rugs to hide unsightly cords.

Some of KEA’s favorite hacks are gender-neutral interior designs with neutral colors, ikea home plans with open floor layouts and using personality-defining terrariums as a living “room within a room.”For those of you who don’t know what a terrarium is, it’s a miniature ecosystem with its own weather, plants, and animals. It’s typically located on your desk or coffee table to represent your inner world.

Future Trend of Interior Design – Concepts for Design and Technology

Some major trends that you may most likely see going into 2019: Uses of reclaimed materials, higher and more open ceilings, high quality materials and textures combined with transparency. The trend in from 2017-2018 was upcycling or using recycled materials for interior design. But this trend has come to an end or slowed down tremendously due to the price hikes for recyclables during 2018’s natural disasters. Named after World War I when London was left with an incredible amount of wood from ruin buildings, Concrete Interiors are now common in London and around the world and will likely continue this way into 2020.

As the debate of global warming continues to forge ahead, scientists and government officials are trying to spend as much time quantifying what the weather will be like next year as deciding on a plan for climate prevention. With these measures not quite in place, it is only natural that designers take responsibilities in dealing with this impending situation by coming up with concepts enough to make sustainable lifestyle initiatives a feasible, achievable reality.

In the past, most designers were only working with physical models. That is no longer the case. Designers are now transitioning architecture to digital, which is enabling them to create more appealing designs in a much faster time.

Passive architecture design teams, who seek to work more sustainably and create energy-saving buildings via the roots of movement, try to tackle two major issues as identified by Greenpeace founder Paul Gilding: “keeping high temperature extreme events like heat waves or cold waves either within an acceptable range or decreasing such events.”

With this in mind, interior designers adapt their designs with cutting-edge technologies and make both a sound investment prospect while saving the planet at the same time.

What are currently popular interior design trends?

The interior design trend that is currently in the market is minimalism which is focused on designing spaces in a simple and functional way. In this section one can find some tips for various home décor objects such as tiles, lighting, curtains, furniture, accent pieces etc.

Typically people try to use clean lines and keep textures to a minimum. Visually lightening up open space by using more natural light is one of the main trends. To carry this style through to outdoor spaces an outdoor lot needs furnishings that works well outside like picnic tables and lounge set chairs that can be used both as indoor and outdoor furniture.

What are possible interior design trends in the coming few years?

Interior decorators will be influenced by an increase in design elements that involve colors and shapes, as a response to less traditional, more complicated uses and formats for living spaces.

There are different aspects of interior design trends and which there will be in the coming few years. Often interior decorators are influenced by colors and shapes, which is most likely a response to less traditional but more complicated use of space and format for living spaces.

Cross-Nation Study Revealed the Worst and Best Interiors in America

A new cross-national study revealed the worst, best American interiors from now to 2024. Conducted in a year-long research collaboration with Interaction, an event design company, and a world-leading communications firm, the study looked at the rising trends and innovations in interior design no matter they whereabouts among products, services or interior architecture.
It is meant to be used as historical material to understand the future decisions of designers and is not intended to promote a specific designer style.

What are the trends emerging in 2024 that give an insight into how we’ll be designing for the home during this decade?

Housing trends in 2024 will be based on sustainability and family-friendly design. Home designs in the decade ahead will be more sustainable with an emphasis on recycling, reusing, and reducing waste. A focus on renewable energy sources and the updated use of high-efficiency water heaters are just two of the ways to achieve this goal. In addition, there will be a renewed emphasis on integrating trends like affordable housing into new home designs as cities struggle with affordable housing shortages around the world.

What is the prediction for the trend of interior design in 2024?

The interior design will be more personalized and customized.

What functional challenges will we have to design around and how will we provide solutions?

Developing a plan for securing the data will be crucial-Designing a tool that allows for easy entry of data from multiple people, as well as its export is important-Creating an efficient and effective explanations of each detail in the plan that users can easily access

What technology advances need to be catered for in order to make these new interior designs work?

There are a number of technological advances which also need to be catered for. The most obvious is that all these new designs require high levels of interactivity and cognitive immersion, which means they need to work with the latest virtual reality headsets, motion sensors, and 3D sound technologies.

How do design challenges differ from country to country and why is this important to know in order to stay on top of innovations happening around the world?

Design challenges that exist in one country might not exist in another, so staying up-to-date on trends worldwide is important.

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